Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 41 - The Car Door Has Been Locked!

Chapter 41: The Car Door Has Been Locked!

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“Oh, last night before I slept, I turned my phone on silent mode so it didn’t ring.” Ji Nuan’s voice was calm.

Ji Mengran gritted her teeth. “You’re trying to get rid of me, aren’t you?!”

Instantly, Ji Nuan glanced at her in amusement. “Why would I want to get rid of you? All these years, haven’t I always placed you, my sister, as a priority in my life? Dad wanted us to come out to shop, and I didn’t even reject letting you follow us.”

“Big Sister, you’re clearly trying to avoid me! If you find me annoying when I follow you around, you should have directly said so at home! What are you trying to do now?!”

After waiting for half a day, Ji Mengran was really enraged.

“Meng Ran, your words have gone overboard. In the past, whenever I invited you out, when were you never late? The longest I’ve had to wait for you was two hours! Why is it you’re so mad when you could not find us only for a couple of hours?”

“I was just anxious! I was worried that you and Brother Jing Shen met some trouble!” Ji Mengran did not intend on making too big of a fuss. She immediately changed her words.

“What trouble can we meet? Meng Ran, don’t blame me for saying this, but you’ve become more and more strange recently.”

Ji Mengran was mad to the extent of having an internal injury. After Ji Nuan’s words, she almost spat blood. She gritted her teeth and put on a rather stiff expression on her face. “I just became too anxious after waiting. That’s why I said those words…”

Ji Nuan calmly curved her lips and no longer looked at her. She held Mo Jingshen’s hand and entered the department store.

In the end, Ji Nuan only bought a few simple things. Ji Mengran followed them around the whole way and fell in love with a little dress that was worth a hundred thousand yuan. She wanted Ji Nuan to use Mo Jingshen’s card to buy it for her, but Ji Nuan pretended not to understand her words. In the end, Ji Mengran unhappily used her own card.

In the past, regardless of what Ji Mengran liked, Ji Nuan would buy it for her. She never thought that the Ji Nuan who used to spoil her sister—causing everyone to be green with envy—would become so cold-blooded!

She would not even buy her a skirt worth a hundred thousand yuan!

All day until they sat on the cab taking them home, Ji Mengran still had not found an opportunity to speak alone with Mo Jingshen.

It was as though Ji Nuan was glued to Mo Jingshen’s side. She would not even leave for a moment! It was frustrating to death!

On the way back, they did not take the public bus because of Ji Mengran’s vehement insistence they take a cab.

Ji Nuan did not plan to give in to Ji Mengran’s wishes. However, it was already past six in the evening. In the autumn, the sky turned dark earlier. She did not wish to waste time on the road back, and since Ji Mengran had already gone to call a car to pick them up, she let her do as she wished.

After all, today’s torture has been hard enough on Ji Mengran’s heart.

Ji Nuan’s thoughts were currently on the chess record in her hands. She carefully placed it in a small compartment in her bag, in case it got slightly wet or touched something dirty.

“Eh? Sir, why are you turning here?” When Ji Nuan raised her head, she suddenly noticed that the path was not right.

“Right now, there is heavy traffic. Several roads are jammed, so we can only drive around the ocean,” the driver did not hesitate as he answered seriously.

Ji Nuan felt that his tone was slightly strange and turned to look at Mo Jingshen who sat in the front seat.

Indeed, Mo Jingshen had noticed a problem with the driver before her. He had already checked the locks on the car.

Their eyes met through the car mirror. From his gaze, she could see the answer: the car doors were locked.

Only then did Ji Nuan notice. The driver’s hair was slightly long, barely covering his ears. After looking carefully, she noticed a black earphone in his ears. It appeared to be the type used for surveillance. Also, the driver was sweating a lot. Even if they had entered autumn, this car was not warm to the point where he would sweat so much. While driving, his gaze hid some fear and… desperation.

Ji Nuan silently brought her hand up, attempting to open the car door by her side. She could not open it. Indeed, it was locked.

She raised her head, meeting Mo Jingshen’s gaze who appeared unruffled.

The moment their eyes met, Mo Jingshen reached out his hand. He pressed down on the driver’s shoulder as though to control him. His voice was low and deep, yet it gave an intense pressure and a feeling of urgency. “Stop the car.”

The driver instantly trembled from head to toe. His head began to sweat even more. He closed his eyes in dejection, his voice weakening. “It-it’s too late.”

After his words ended, the driver’s head suddenly dropped. It was as though he had been given some special medicine and could no longer hold on to his consciousness.

The car was about to hit a heavy truck, yet it continued speeding forward. It was only then that Ji Mengran who sat by Ji Nuan’s side noticed something wrong. Seeing the driver’s state, she shrieked in fear, “Ah… What happened to the driver? What happened?!”

Ji Nuan forcefully tried to open the car door. In front, Mo Jingshen had already shoved the unconscious driver aside as he sat on the driver’s seat. He grabbed onto the steering wheel, preventing the car from losing control.

Three seconds later, he suddenly spoke up. His tone carried a coldness that made one feel as though they were plunged into an ice-cold pool. “This car has been tampered with. The speed is fixed at 150 mph, and the brake doesn’t work. With this speed, I can’t stop it with the usual methods.”

“Then, what do we do?!” Ji Mengran shrieked piercingly. “Why would the driver suddenly faint?! Does someone want to kill us?!”

Hearing Ji Mengran’s piercing scream, Ji Nuan could confirm that this attempted murder had nothing to do with her.

Besides, Ji Mengran sat on the car. There was no way she would risk her own safety.

Furthermore, Mo Jingshen was also in the car. Based on her obsession with Mo Jingshen… Ji Mengran, this suspect, could immediately be eliminated.

“Is the fuel tank full?” Ji Nuan asked, poking her head forward. She looked at the fuel meter in front of Mo Jingshen.

The moment she looked, Ji Nuan’s heart sank.

It was actually full!

There was no way they could wait for the gas to be used up. This would at least take five to six hours!

The car speed remained at 150 mph. In such a populated area in the city, the road was against a large portion of the ocean and the open beach. That the road went along the sea meant that it was full of twist and turns. Using such a speed at six in the evening, when the road was so crowded, would undoubtedly lead to their deaths!

In addition, there were no roads ahead that they could take to go somewhere isolated or safer. The road ahead was heading straight to the city center!

Mo Jingshen suddenly coldly commanded. “Sit tight!”

Ji Mengran was already grabbing hold of her seatbelt with fear. Her face was pale.

Ji Nuan silently glanced an eye at the unconscious driver who had been shoved onto the passenger’s seat.

The driver clearly knew that this was a trap. Based on his earphones and the fact that someone had drugged him, he was most likely forced and threatened. Or else, he would not have risked death to commit such an act.

Who was it? Their tactics were so harsh yet clean? They wanted them all dead!

Were they targeting her? Or, were they targeting Mo Jingshen?!