Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 42 - If You Yell Another Line of Nonsense, I'll Strangle You to Death

Chapter 42: If You Yell Another Line of Nonsense, I’ll Strangle You to Death

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Right in front, a large truck suddenly came speeding forward.

The car was moving at an abnormally high speed, charging right toward them.

Ji Mengran suddenly shrieked piercingly, “Ah! Ah! Ah- What do we do! What do we do, ah! Will we die? I don’t want to die-”

“Shut up!” Ji Nuan sternly reprimanded.

Ji Mengran was frightened and was losing her mind. Her shrieks kept going and were clearly not going to stop anytime soon. Her hands, which were gripping the seatbelt, were already pale white.

Having already died once, Ji Nuan could not say that she was not afraid facing such a dangerous situation, but at the very least, she could face it rationally.

She glanced toward Mo Jingshen, who sat at the front. He held the steering wheel, controlling their lives in his hands. After seeing his calm eyes, she felt much of her fear dissipate.

“Open the car window,” Mo Jingshen suddenly ordered.


Ji Nuan immediately cooperated, despite not knowing the intention behind his request.

After trying several times, she raised her eyes in shock. “The door has been locked, and the car windows are also locked.”

Mo Jingshen raised his cold, charming brows. Just as the two cars were about to collide, he changed the direction of the car toward the unobstructed cliff against the sea while Ji Mengran’s cries of despair kept on going.

“No! The car door won’t open, we’ll drown to death…” Ji Mengran continued, “No, I don’t want to drown to death-”

However, the car speed could no longer be controlled by them. Even if she wanted to stand up, her legs would not move. Her entire body was stiffly pressed against the seat while her eyes were full of fright.

“Keep quiet!” Ji Nuan turned and harshly glared at her. “Do you want to be crushed into meat paste by that truck, or plow into the city center, killing yourself and innocent people?”

Fear had already overridden Ji Mengran’s logic. “If they die, then they die! What does that have to do with me! If we rush toward the sea like this, we will definitely die! We will die, ah!”

“If you yell another line of nonsense, I’ll strangle you to death first,” Ji Nuan said ruthlessly.

Her words landed, and she glanced up at Mo Jingshen who had driven the car off the cliff. The instant the car slammed into the sea, she smiled at him.

Their car was tampered with, the windows were locked, and they were too far away from an isolated location. There were only a large truck and the city center ahead of them. Even in such a situation—where throwing the car into the sea could lead to their deaths—she was not afraid so long as Mo Jingshen was here.

In the beginning, the car sank slowly. However, the more it sunk, the faster it went. The ice-cold water slowly rose above their feet.

The car was in the water and could no longer be controlled. Mo Jingshen lifted his hands away from the steering wheel. Raising his dark eyes, he saw the glance that Ji Nuan was giving him through the car mirror.

It was as though his heart had been struck by something. He could not move his eyes away from hers. At that moment, she suddenly raised a hand. With a face of deep frustration and annoyance, her hands tightly covered Ji Mengran’s screaming mouth.

Mo Jingshen lowly chuckled.

The car was sinking at a terrifying speed with no sign of stopping.

The cold sea water entered her nose and mouth. Ji Mengran finally stopped yelling. She rushed to remove her high heels, slamming it against the sealed, high-quality car windows.

Aware that such a method would bring about no rewards, Ji Nuan did not stop her. Under the water, it was slightly hard to keep her eyes open. She glanced at Mo Jingshen, who was reaching his hand toward the neck pillow of the car seat.

What was he trying to do?

The deeper the car sank, the higher the water pressure would be. Even if the car door were not locked, it would not open. It was also impossible to smash the car window open with anything because of the water pressure.

However, in her past life, she had heard of a way to save oneself from under the water.

It was just like what Mo Jingshen was doing—pulling out the small pillow fixed on the driver’s seat. After that, they would see two long and thin metal poles used to hold the car chair in place.

Although the car windows could not be smashed open, they could be pried open with this! After prying it open to reduce the water pressure, the car window could then be broken.

Ji Nuan reached over to tug on the other side’s pillows. This way, they could pry the car windows open faster.


They were not sure how deeply the car had sunk, but breathing felt more and more difficult.

Luckily, Mo Jingshen had already pried open the windows. Ji Nuan quickly picked up the poles from the other car seat to slam it against the car window. The window slowly began to crack!

Ji Nuan rushed forward, wanting to use her hands to break open the already cracked windows. Her hands had just reached over when Mo Jingshen directly pulled her over, using his gaze to signal for her to use the poles to slam the other side.

At this moment, he was still worried about her hurting herself?

Ji Nuan understood in her heart and did not want to cause trouble for him. She obediently broke open all the car windows.

Finally, when they were able to squeeze out from the car, Ji Nuan felt her sight blurred slightly from the lack of oxygen.

Mo Jingshen could see that despite her composure in this dangerous situation, her body was already weakening from the lack of oxygen. He reached over to hold her, gazing at her, as though asking if she could persist until they swam up.

Ji Nuan silently nodded her head in his arms. She then pointed upward, nodding once more, signaling that she could swim by herself.

Suddenly, Ji Mengran who had just squeezed out from the side, tightly gripped on to Ji Nuan’s ankle, as though afraid that they would leave her to die underwater.

Mo Jingshen’s brows furrowed, and his eyes became cold. He glanced at Ji Mengran.

Clearly, aside from Ji Nuan, who was held in his arms, the life and death of others did not matter to him.

The lack of air was extremely difficult to bear for Ji Nuan. She no longer had any energy to kick Ji Mengran aside and decided to ignore her. It was more important for her to keep her own life. Her ankle was tightly held, causing her body to be heavier, but thankfully, Mo Jingshen kept his arms around her which prevented her from sinking due to fatigue.

On their way up, because the hand around her ankle was too tight, the pain resulted in Ji Nuan opening her mouth. Unexpectedly, she choked on a mouthful of seawater. Her body instantly tightened. It was unbearable, and she almost coughed, but she could only hold on to the intense pain in her chest. Her hands were rapidly swimming upwards.

Finally, appearing above the water, Ji Nuan could no longer hold on. She coughed loudly several times until her eyes were red.

This painful feeling was too similar to when she choked on her own blood in her previous life. She unconsciously held tightly onto Mo Jingshen’s arms which were around her waist. The moment she raised her eyes, she saw the man who had been watching her with concern from start to finish.

“Can you still swim?” he asked softly.

Ji Nuan resisted the coughs that wanted to escape, nodding as she hoarsely said, “I still have strength.”

His eyes revealed several hints of worry and heartache.

“It’s really fine! I can do it!” Ji Nuan’s shiny eyes were filled with determination.

Mo Jingshen glanced into her eyes, smiling. “All right.”