Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 43 - Carrying Her Up and Stuffing Her Into the Blanket

Chapter 43: Carrying Her Up and Stuffing Her Into the Blanket

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Earlier, the car had driven out too quickly. Right now, they were still 400 to 500 meters away from land.

While being tugged forward by Mo Jingshen, Ji Nuan tried her best to paddle forward with her hands to prevent from being too much of a burden.

Even after leaving the surface, Ji Mengran still held tightly onto Ji Nuan, refusing to let go no matter what.

“Almost there!” Ji Nuan saw that land was closer and closer.

“Still able to hold on?” Seeing that their goal was near, Mo Jingshen’s voice was no longer as heavy.

Ji Nuan nodded her head. “I can!”

He gazed at her face; some sentiment surging in his dark eyes. His low, hoarse voice carried some difficult to detect praise. “Based on your fitness level, your ability to swim is considered rather impressive. You actually still have the energy to swim over.”

Ji Nuan saw the approaching land, and her emotions relaxed. “I have to hold on! Let go of me; I can swim there by myself!”

It was only then that Mo Jingshen released her.

A few minutes later, just as she was about to climb on land, she almost felt forward as the sand she stepped on was too soft. Mo Jingshen, who was by her side the whole time, reached out and held her.

They had finally arrived on land. Ji Nuan no longer had any energy, so Mo Jingshen supported her.

The sky had already turned dark. Ji Nuan’s body was trembling from head to toe, yet she did not forget to hold on tight to her purse. Her teeth could not stop chattering. “The chess record meant for Grandfather Mo is still in my bag… this bag of mine is supposed to be waterproof… and the phone is also inside the bag… I’m not sure if water entered…”

“You’re still worried about the chess record at such a time?” Mo Jingshen glanced at her drenched body, raising his brows that remained handsome despite his drenched look.

Ji Nuan did feel slightly uncomfortable. Her whole face had already turned pale, and she was cold to the point where she could not speak very well, “This is… what you won for me… and it’s what Grandfather Mo likes…”

In the autumn night by the sea, their breaths could visibly be seen turning misty white when they spoke. This showed how cold it really was.

Compared to the autumn night, his gaze was much warmer. His cold and charming eyes held tenderness for her. He reached out his hand and gently pushed aside the wet hair stuck on her face. “Let’s leave this place first.”

“All right.” Ji Nuan nodded while shivering. Under the night sky, her eyes seemed to shine like stars.

Ji Mengran was behind them. After collapsing on land, she took in breaths desperately. She could not speak, nor could she move. Since she had followed them out of the ocean, when she was done resting, she could find a way back herself.

After climbing back on land, from beginning to end, Mo Jingshen did not glance at her, much less give a word of concern or comfort.

Ji Mengran harshly clawed the sand beneath her. She refused to accept this; she refused, she refused!

Ji Nuan, what right do you have?!


After returning to the Yu Garden, Ji Nuan finally relaxed. The moment she stepped through the door, she no longer had any energy and entirely leaned on Mo Jingshen’s body.

“We came back alive…,” she breathed harshly. Her voice was hoarse because of the fatigue.

If not for Mo Jingshen and his quick thinking and actions that helped them to avoid the dangerous situation, her second life would have ended right there.

Mo Jingshen held her unstable body. “It’s all right now, en?”

Ji Nuan buried her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat through his clothing. If not for her self-control, her tears would have fallen.

She sniffled, resisting the wave of emotions that hit her after escaping death.

As though noticing her emotional changes, Mo Jingshen gently patted her back comfortingly, his low, hoarse voice said by her ears, “You’ve finally remembered how to be afraid? Earlier on in the sea, you seemed so courageous. Such an amazing Mrs. Mo, yet the moment you reach home, you’re about to cry?”

His meaning was that the facade she tried her best to make up today had collapsed instantly.

“I…” Ji Nuan almost choked up. She raised her head to look at him. “Can’t I become emotional?”

He lowly chuckled, pinching her ice-cold face. “Congratulations, Mrs. Mo. Successfully escaping a calamity, it’s deserving of celebration.”

Ji Nuan sniffled and still wanted to speak. Yet, Mo Jingshen directly called Auntie Chen over. “Bring her to have a warm shower and change her clothes.”

Auntie Chen had wanted to ask about the situation and why were they both drenched. But seeing Ji Nuan’s pale face, she was frightened and did not want to waste any time on that. She rushed to bring Ji Nuan back to the room.

Right as they were walking up the stairs, Ji Nuan could not resist looking back at the man near the entrance.

Mo Jingshen, who was usually neat and tidy, was also drenched. His shirt and jacket were clinging onto his body. However, despite looking just as battered as she did, his charm did not seem to decrease at all.

Auntie Chen assisted her in taking a warm shower. Ji Nuan did not take a bath but opted for a shower instead because earlier today, at the chess hall, she discovered that her “great aunt” had arrived.

“Madam, you’re on your period, and your whole body is so cold. Will you really be fine?” Auntie Chen could not help but worry.

“It’s all right. I’ll just shower for a little longer.” Ji Nuan resisted the intense pain in her abdomen, waving Auntie Chen away. “Help me take out the things in my bag and check if the chess record and phone in the waterproof compartment are wet.”

Auntie Chen nodded, following her instructions and bringing her bag in. She used a towel to wipe it.

“The cell phone and this chess record you mentioned are all dry. But everything else is soaked.”

Hearing this, Ji Nuan instantly relaxed. “That’s good.”

Seeing that Ji Nuan had no other orders, Auntie Chen went to the kitchen to make brown sugar water for her.

Ji Nuan showered for a really long time. It was only when Mo Jingshen had already showered and changed that she slowly came out.

Due to soaking in the cold water for too long, her stomach was experiencing an unbearable amount of pain.

After showering in hot water for half a day, her face was finally not as pale and had some redness.

“You’re done showering?” Ji Nuan saw Mo Jingshen.

“En, come over,” He called her over softly. Mo Jingshen saw that she appeared a little fragile and red. His adam’s apple moved.

Ji Nuan unconsciously obeyed. She had just approached him when he suddenly tugged her into his embrace. A kiss landed on her forehead and, as though having checked that she was really fine, a breath of relief escaped him.

Even if he did not say or reveal anything, Ji Nuan was very sensitive and noticed. Such a situation today was most likely aimed at her.

Who could it be?

The Zhou family? Or the Han family?

Or could it be that the Ji family had other enemies?

In her previous life, after the Ji family went bankrupt, there were many people unhappy with the Ji family who came looking for her. After her previous life, Ji Nuan was no longer unused to such shady events. However, this incident today… was actually aimed directly at her life.

“Latest, by tomorrow morning, the instigator behind the scenes will definitely be found,” he lowly whispered by her ear. “Don’t worry too much. I’ll take care of everything.”

Ji Nuan was quiet for a moment. “So, you already know who was the one who arranged all this?”

Mo Jingshen did not speak. He gently touched her face that had gradually turned pale a few minutes after she left the bathroom. The more he touched, the more he felt it was turning cold. He directly picked her up, stuffing her into the blanket.