Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 44 - You Actually Still Have Energy?

Chapter 44: You Actually Still Have Energy?

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Ji Nuan was indeed cold to death. Earlier on, she had tried her best to appear strong. Now that her determination had crumbled, she shrunk in the blanket and decided to no longer hide it.

Her body was trembling, yet her gaze could not help but remain fixed on his body. It was only when Mo Jingshen moved to the door—to bring in the brown sugar water that Auntie Chen had brought up—that she moved her eyes away slightly.

Things like period cramps… to have it revealed all to Mo Jingshen…

Really, she was embarrassed to the point where her face was entirely thrown to her grandmother’s house.

“So, who exactly is it that wants to harm us?” Ji Nuan asked, and then she paused. “Or more accurately, who wants me dead?”

Mo Jingshen passed the brown sugar water over. “Cases of wealthy families paying for murder are increasing. In the future, return less to the Ji home.”

Ji Nuan was stunned, but she also finally understood.

The case today was most likely associated with those who had a grudge with the Ji family. After all, the one who called for the car was Ji Mengran who was completely unaware of the situation. If the person took action through Ji Mengran’s phone call, then they most likely knew a lot about the Ji family. Also, they had to be very aware of Ji Mengran and Ji Nuan’s movements.

Could it be Shen Heru? Even if she was pressed for action, acting without care for the consequences was not something she could easily do. After all, she still had several wealthy families supporting her. This was not the time to break off all relations yet. Therefore, this case was most likely unrelated to her.

Then who could it be? Why? To kill her?

Seeing the brown sugar water pushed toward her, she raised it and drank a sip. Although she felt very warm after drinking it, it did not soothe much of her stomach cramps.

After half an hour, Ji Nuan’s stomach still hurt. She kept tolerating it to avoid letting Mo Jingshen notice.

Mo Jingshen saw how her face remained pale and pulled open her blanket, climbing in.

He directly wrapped his arms around her from behind, pressing her back against his embrace. Ji Nuan originally wanted to say that she was fine, but she could not help but gradually relax in his arms.

The man’s palm was warm and strong. Without allowing her to refuse, he pressed a hand against her abdomen. At the same time, he tugged the blankets up around her and then held her ice-cold hands gently. After a moment, he lowered his eyes to look at Ji Nuan, who still did not seem sleepy. “Is it still hurting a lot?”

Ji Nuan turned her head back; her eyes were shining with tears as she gazed at him. “It’s all right, today is a special circumstance. It’s because the sea water was cold that it’s painful now.”

The man continued rubbing gently against her abdomen. “I’ve called a doctor. If you can’t sleep, then wait for the doctor to check on you before sleeping.”

“There’s no need to call for a doctor, it’s just menstrual cramps. There’s really no need to trouble a doctor to come so late at night. If it still hurts tomorrow, I’ll go to the hospital to collect some medicine.” Ji Nuan rushed to sit up.

Consequently,—because she was only wearing a towel—the towel fell with her one movement.

Mo Jingshen met her gaze. Her porcelain-like skin, and some of the marks he had left on her last night at the Ji home were all revealed.

However, because Ji Nuan now had her great aunt protecting her, she did not think much. Her gaze was unbelievably innocent. She acted as though she had only dropped a coat.

“This afternoon, didn’t you mention that you’ll be flying to England tomorrow morning?” Ji Nuan did not bother with the towel, tugging up the blanket carelessly to cover her body.

Recently, the Mo Corporation had a project to discuss with a British partner. Mo Jingshen needed to leave to England for a business trip for two to three days tomorrow.

She nearly forgot about this. Thankfully, nothing big occurred to them, so it did not interrupt his work schedule.

“It’s all right. I can sleep on the plane tomorrow.” His dark eyes were on her while his hands pinched her cheeks. “The fright that Mrs. Mo experienced today was not light. I have to stay and guard her.”

Ji Nuan wanted to say that she was not that delicate, but his words made her feel very comfortable.

She reached out to wrap her arms around his neck, careless moving as she took the initiative to kiss his cold lips. Her lips were slightly cold, just like his. However, in an instant, her passionate kiss lit an intense fire. Their tongues intertwined, and he directly pressed her into his embrace, bending his head and holding onto her neck. The kiss deepened.

Their lips finally heated. At the same time, other parts of their body heated up as well.

Ji Nuan was kissed deeply and had to lean back slightly due to lack of breath. The man in front of her took the opportunity to press her back against the bed. The passionate and hot kiss caused her to become slightly dizzy.

In addition, she felt the obvious change in his lower body dangerously pressing against her!

It was only then that Ji Nuan realized that she did not notice the change in the atmosphere this time. Earlier on, she was really too defenseless…

“W-wait a minute!” she suddenly whimpered out against his lips while her hands pressed against his chest. This situation did not seem very good. He kissed her until her tongue felt numb even as she spoke. “After escaping death and swimming for so long, my body feels like it’ll give up on itself…”

“En, so?” The man continued kissing her. His kiss landed again and again on her neck.

Ji Nuan’s lips trembled. “So… you actually still have energy?”

The man’s actions paused. He shot her a glance; his deep eyes appeared heavier because of her words. His hands tightened around her waist, tugging her closer as he went further with his kissing as though planning to prove to her that his strength was just as good as ever.

Ji Nuan shouted, “Ah, ah, ah… Don’t, don’t, don’t… it hurts…”

The man on top of her finally stopped because of her words. He lowered his head to look at her action of holding her stomach with a pleading expression.

Earlier on in the day, when she happily announced the arrival of her period, he already had plans to discipline this woman who was pleased to the extent of almost soaring to the sky.

In the end, after experiencing such difficulty, this little woman was completely submerged in various emotions. Sitting on the bed defenseless, it was as though she was presenting herself to him for slaughter.

Mo Jingshen let out a breath, feeling that the restraint he always prided himself on would sooner or later be all used up on her.

“Mr. Mo, Doctor Qin is here.” Auntie Chen’s voice came from the door.

Mo Jingshen released her. He passed over a pajama—and it was the extremely conservative sort—asking her to put it on.


“Miss Ji only experienced a cold during her period. After taking a few days of medicine and staying warm, there shouldn’t be any trouble.”

The doctor—who was called over by Mo Jingshen in the middle of the night—did not even have the time to complain before he was forced to give his wife, who was on a period, a checkup.

Ji Nuan recognized Qin Siting. He was the second young master of Hai Cheng’s Qin family. Since young, he had been interested in medicine, so he abandoned business for medicine. Today, he was one of the country’s famous general practitioner and was a guest lecturer for pharmaceutical management at the University of Medicine.

Based on Mo Jingshen’s cold and indifferent character and his habit of speaking very little, he barely had any friends. But this promising young master, Doctor Qin, was one of his few friends.

“Her stomach hurts, are there any ways to reduce it?” Mo Jingshen’s brows slightly furrowed.

Qin Siting’s eyelids twitched. He stared at him as though he was some weird creature.

Someone like Mo Jingshen was actually standing there and asking him how to resolve this woman’s period cramps…

Was the sun rising from the west?