Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 45 - The Smiling Fox, Young Master Qin and the King of Hell, Mo Jingshen

Chapter 45: The Smiling Fox, Young Master Qin and the King of Hell, Mo Jingshen

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“Go to a Chinese medicine hospital to request for a prescription to warm the uterus or give her some of the medicine I’ve prescribed. But given that she has always been susceptible to this pain since young, it’s better to use Chinese medicine to slowly improve her condition,” Qin Siting explained unhurriedly while eyeing Ji Nuan who had moved to sit up on the bed.

In the past, the gaze of this Young Lady Ji was always extremely fierce. Right now, though, she seemed like an obedient little wife. When he first came in, he thought he had seen wrong.

“Chinese medicine? In the past, Auntie Chen brought me some prescription, but I never drank much of it.” While speaking, Ji Nuan got off the bed to search through the bedside cabinet.

Both Qin Siting and Mo Jingshen’s eyes landed at the same time on a little white bottle at the corner of the cabinet.

“What’s that?” Qin Siting’s voice suddenly became cold.

Mo Jingshen was also staring at Ji Nuan who had paused in surprise. Just as she took that bottle out with a flash of understanding, he reached over to take it.

Qin Siting walked over, taking out two of the pills. After staring at it for a moment, he lifted it to his nose to sniff it.

“Miss Ji, you’ve seen a psychiatrist?” Qin Siting suddenly asked.

Ji Nuan was stunned. She glanced at Qin Siting and then glanced toward Mo Jingshen whose aura suddenly seemed ice-cold.

In the past, because her mood was too poor, Ji Mengran had coaxed her to see a psychiatrist. This was the medicine the doctor had prescribed to alleviate her mood swings.

After returning, she only ate it a few times and eventually forgot the existence of the medicine in her cabinet.

She did not think her mood was bad to the point of being diagnosed with depression. Ji Mengran always said that if she kept it up, she would definitely fall ill and wanted to bring her to see a psychiatrist to receive some counseling. However, those doctors always offered her strange suggestions, recommending her to divorce immediately, saying it was the only solution.

Could it be that this medicine… had problems…?

Ji Mengran got along so well with Shen Heru. If they were to add something to the medicine, it was not entirely surprising.

Ji Nuan took a step back. She was not sure what exactly she was afraid of. She unconsciously raised her eyes and met Mo Jingshen’s.

Mo Jingshen stared at her, his voice sounding slightly stern. “Have you taken this medicine before?”

Ji Nuan first nodded her head and then shook it. “… I ate it a few times. But after taking it, I always felt somewhat uncomfortable, so I stopped.”

“When did you take it?” Qin Siting asked coldly. His attitude no longer seemed as relaxed as before.

“Back when we had just gotten married for a month. During that time, my condition wasn’t the best, and Meng Ran said that she was afraid I was suppressing too much. She brought me to a psychiatrist, and this is what he prescribed,” Ji Nuan explained honestly while alarm bells rang in her heart.

This medicine was definitely not simple.

Mo Jingshen stared at her for half a beat before the edge of his lips lifted. It was filled with hints of ridicule.

However, Ji Nuan could feel that his cold and mocking expression was not directed toward her.

She suspected that the medicine that Shen Heru gave her father was not right, but forgot to look into the medicine Ji Mengran had forced the doctor to prescribe her. This incident had happened too long ago, and she honestly forgot all about it.

Ten minutes later.

“This medicine won’t cause any harm to the physical body, but it contains chemicals that would cause one’s mental state to become disordered and weakened.” Qin Siting pinched the pill that broke in his hands. “This is the medicine small clinics used to improve the spirits and energy level of mental patients. It is also used on some mental patients to arouse them so they may share information more freely. In large hospitals, these cannot be used and are considered banned.”

“Weakening of mental state?” Ji Nuan lifted her eyes.

Qin Siting brows raised as he sneered, “Miss Ji, your style of actions and emotions in the past few months seem to fall in line with the symptoms.”

What he was suggesting was already clear…

So, this was the reason Ji Mengran kept repeating that she had become impossible to understand in front of Mo Jingshen.

Qin Siting glanced at Ji Nuan’s complexion and calmly smiled. “Such medicine contains nothing that would harm the body. Even if you’ve taken it, it won’t easily be noticed by others. Since you’ve only taken a few doses, it should be fine.”

“So…” Qin Siting removed the disposable gloves he was wearing, raising his chin toward Mo Jingshen while appearing as though he had seen a good show. “The reason CEO Mo called me over in the middle of the night was because your woman ate the wrong medicine?”

Ji Nuan: “…”

Mo Jingshen’s tall body stood by the door. He stared at the bottle for a moment before placing it into his pants pocket with one hand. His thin and cold lips curved. It was a smile, but it was humorless.

Ji Nuan had thought she had already seen things clearly and had enough defense. But at that moment, her back felt cold.

Her hands suddenly warmed up. Mo Jingshen walked over and held them. He calmly tightened his grip after feeling that they were chilly.

Qin Siting packed up his things, removing the white doctor’s coat he had on. Inside, he only wore a button-up shirt and dress pants. Seeing this scene, his eyes twitched. “After waking me up in the middle of the night for free labor, you’re feeding me a mouthful of public display of affection? You guys don’t have any conscience!”

Mo Jingshen calmly asked, “You lack a woman?”

Who did not know that inside Qin Siting’s office at the hospital, numerous married women would pretend to have high fevers or other illnesses for the sake of looking at him.

Hai Cheng had a famous saying: One would invoke the ire of the Smiling Fox, Young Master Qin, rather than provoke the King of Hell, Mo Jingshen.

In the south, there was the Qin, and in the north, there was the Mo. They were the two male gods hardest to deal with among the four prominent families in Hai Cheng.

Although the Ji family was considered one of the four big families in Hai Cheng, they were no longer deemed as prosperous as in the old days. On the other hand, the Mo family was practically unshakeable.

Not even mentioning Hai Cheng, wherever the Mo family stepped foot, several cities would follow. So long as someone stepped out of the Mo family to build their own empire, there would be no other like them dominating the economy. They all had their specialized division, and all had unrivaled statuses.

“I don’t lack women, but your woman… definitely lacks a heart.” Qin Siting tilted his head, shooting Ji Nuan a calm look.

Ji Nuan lips curved downwards.

Saying she lacked a heart and that she ate the wrong medicine, very good!

She turned over to glance at Mo Jingshen, who was by her side. “It’s already so late. Yet, Doctor Qin came after a one phone call of yours. Does he owe you a favor?”

Qin Siting stared at her, his brows furrowing slightly as he suddenly found this Ji Nuan rather interesting.

Mo Jingshen: ” You can consider it that way.”

Ji Nuan eyes suddenly shone. “Then, based on what he owes you, can I request a favor from him as well?”

The veins on Qin Siting’s forehead twitched. “Miss Ji… No wonder you were able to marry him. Both you are practically the same type of trash goods…”