Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 46 - Toward This Ji Nuan, Have You Become Serious?

Chapter 46: Toward This Ji Nuan, Have You Become Serious?

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Ji Nuan brought out the medicine she previously took from the Ji home, handing it over to him. “This is the medicine my dad has been recently taking. Since Doctor Qin has various academic achievements in pharmacy, could you help me analyze what’s in here?”

“Are you really treating me like the Yu Garden’s private doctor?” Qin Siting furrowed his brows.

Ji Nuan had yet to speak when a low voice came from behind her. “Aren’t you?”

Qin Siting’s head was about to explode. The edge of his lips trembled for a moment before he suddenly threw his head back and laughed. He took the medicine and opened it to sniff it.

“This medicine doesn’t have a discernible smell. It should be a new medicine imported from abroad. There’s no use analyzing it here. I’ll have to bring it back and analyze with equipment. Do you mind if I take it away?”

“No, no, no!” Ji Nuan quickly said.

Qin Siting threw the bottle into his pocket. “All right, it’s no longer early. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”


In front of the Yu Garden’s entrance, the moonlight was bright.

Qin Siting walked out, casually adjusting his tie. Under the moonlight, the white coat hanging carelessly on his arm was glaringly bright.

“I heard that you hired someone to watch the Zhou family’s actions?” Qin Siting calmly asked.

Mo Jingshen furrowed his brows, cold amusement flashing past his eyes. “Are you trying to say that your sources are good?”

“Is it for that woman inside?” Qin Siting’s voice remained cold.

Mo Jingshen calmly replied, “You can leave now.”

Qin Siting furrowed his eyebrows, lifting the corner of his mouth as he coldly said, “Don’t tell me, toward that Ji Nuan, have you become serious?”

Mo Jingshen glanced at him from the side.

After not receiving an answer for a long while, Qin Siting calmly smiled. “Have you lost control? This isn’t your original intentions for marrying her.”

“Are you preparing to become the first person to be kicked out of the Yu Garden, Doctor Qin?” Mo Jingshen’s gaze remained calm.

Qin Siting scoffed. “I drove over so late into the night. Are you not planning to say a single thank you at all?”

“First, return the life you owe me.”



The sound of a car driving off came from outside. Ji Nuan stood in the room and opened the curtains to look outside.

When Mo Jingshen came back, he saw this little woman pressing her face against the ice-cold window, looking as though she had suddenly realized something and was deep in thought.

“Doctor Qin left?” Ji Nuan heard the sound of the door opening and turned back.

“En.” Mo Jingshen glanced at how her entire body was pressed against the chilly window and calmly said, “The window is cold. Don’t lean so close to it.”

Ji Nuan turned back and walked toward him. “You say, in the past, if I didn’t receive all sorts of foolish interferences, would I have already fallen in love with you, so I…”

Her words had yet to finish when the man’s kiss suddenly landed.

The kiss was heavy and deep, entirely without reserve.

Ji Nuan barely managed a whimper. He held her waist, and before she knew it, she was pressed against the wall. He kissed until her lips were numb and her entire body was barely standing.

She could not understand; they were still fine earlier. How could he suddenly give such a passionate kiss to her…

For a long time, the man’s lips remained pressed against Ji Nuan’s. He gradually moved to lean his forehead against hers, his deep dark eyes staring into hers.

Ji Nuan felt that if they were to kiss any longer, the two would not sleep tonight…

Not to mention, he had to go to the airport early in the morning tomorrow.

Thinking about the three days of separation they would have to face, she directly pressed her face into his neck, softly saying, “Don’t kiss me anymore. You’ll lose control. It’s not as if you don’t know of my condition today.”

After hearing the words “lose control,” Mo Jingshen was quiet for a moment.

After a while, Ji Nuan heard the man’s voice land on her forehead. “How many days?”

“What do you mean, how many days?” She raised her head.

The moment she saw the heat in the man’s face, she instantly understood and coughed. “Four days, sometimes five…”

Each month, her great aunt would usually leave after four to five days. It was always very precise.

Thinking for a moment, she then spoke again, “So, if you won’t be able to rest well tonight and want to sleep in the main bedroom instead, I won’t mind…”

Mo Jingshen’s heart felt moved after seeing her relaxed face radiant with delight. Holding the back of her head, he leaned down and kissed her again.

Ji Nuan was kissed until she did not have the strength to push him away. She had only just softened in his embrace when she heard the man’s soft voice against her lips. “Wait for me to come back and discipline you.”

Wait for him to come back…

When he returns from England in a few days?

Ji Nuan’s heart suddenly quivered with his low voice. Her two arms wrapped around his neck as she suddenly felt reluctant to part from him. “En…”

Under the soft moonlight, he seemed to have smiled.

After that, he kissed her fervently again until both of her arms and legs were weak, and her voice sounded like a soft cat’s whimper. It was only then that he let her off, picking up the weakened her and stuffing her into the blanket.

This man’s restraint and calm were too strong. Even in such a situation, he could remain in the room, holding her to sleep.

However, to Ji Nuan, this was considered a gift.

He was leaving for England the next day. If the two of them had to sleep separately, she would most likely be sleepless for the entire night.


The next morning.

Ji Nuan had initially planned to wake up early to send Mo Jingshen off.

However, because she rested in his arms the entire night, she had slept too well and too deeply. He did not wake her up when he left, and when she finally awoke, it was already past seven.

Auntie Chen said that Mo Jingshen had left at five o’clock in the morning.

While sitting by the table, Ji Nuan ate alone. She stirred the porridge in the bowl while appearing bored.

She never expected that, although Mo Jingshen would only be away a few days, she was already missing him.

This heart that was gradually being moved by him, could it count as what she owed him in their previous lives?

“Madam, are you not hungry?” Auntie Chen saw she did not have much of an appetite and passed over a glass of milk.

Ji Nuan received the glass. After picking it up, she placed it down instead of drinking it. While leaning her chin against her palm, she continued stirring the porridge, asking casually, “Auntie Chen, in the past, whenever Mo Jingshen left for business, would he always come back on time? For example, if he said that he would leave for three days, would he really return in three days? Or would he be occasionally delayed? Or would he… return earlier?”

Auntie Chen instantly smiled in understanding. So, she was feeling lovesick after just separating.

In the past, whenever Mr. Mo left for business for ten days to half a month, she never saw Ji Nuan appear so desolated. He had only just left, and she was already counting down the days.

“Mr. Mo rarely speaks about his work. I’m not sure how long his trips were meant to be in the past.”

Ji Nuan continued stirring the porridge, glancing at the bright sky outside the window.

She felt like her mood had flown away with him.

Suddenly, the phone placed on the table rang. Ji Nuan lowered her gaze to look at the flashing screen revealing Mo Jingshen’s private number.

She did not even notice that her face had suddenly lit up. She quickly picked up the phone.


“En, at what time was your flight? Why didn’t you wake me up when you left?”