Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 47 - Acting Spoiled so Naturally

Chapter 47: Acting Spoiled so Naturally

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“I saw that you were sleeping deeply and couldn’t bear to.” Mo Jingshen quietly chuckled.

By the side, Auntie Chen saw that in an instant, a smile appeared on Ji Nuan’s lips like a flower blooming. Even if she did not speak, it was a quiet sweetness.

“Have you eaten your breakfast?”

“Not yet.” Ji Nuan gently stirred the porridge in the bowl.

The man’s voice became stern instantly. “Auntie Chen didn’t make you breakfast?”

“She did. I’m eating now. It’s because I woke up too late and just got ready to eat.” That she did not have an appetite was her problem. She could not shift the blame to Auntie Chen.

“Be good and eat your meal. Regarding things like what happened last night, in the future, I’ll take care of it all. Don’t think too much.”

Was this… specially meant to check if she had eaten and to comfort her?

Ji Nuan instantly felt like a kitten whose fur had been soothed as she made an agreeing “uu” sound. Taking the opportunity, while Auntie Chen had walked away, she suddenly softly whispered, “I fear that in these three days, my appetite won’t be very good. If you want me to eat well, come back early.”

Mo Jingshen: “…”

What she meant was that without him, she could not even eat well?

In the past, she always wanted to push him 800 feet away, yet now she was acting spoiled so naturally.

Mo Jingshen gave a husky, gentle chuckle. “Be good, finished the breakfast Auntie Chen made. You’re not allowed to leave even one mouthful of food.”

Ji Nuan eyed the porridge and dumplings placed on the table. “How could I eat so much food…”

“Even if you can’t, you have to finish it.”

Although Ji Nuan said that she had no appetite, while answering the phone, she began drinking the porridge. Just as she picked up a bun, Auntie Chen rushed forward to take it away. “Madam these have been placed here for too long. I’ll go warm it up for you.”

Ji Nuan immediately mouthed to her: Just a few will do.

In the end, after Ji Nuan hung up the phone, not a few minutes later, Auntie Chen returned with the buns. It was still a whole basket. Ten of it.

Seeing Ji Nuan look as though she could not finish it, Auntie Chen happily said, “Before he left, Mr. Mo announced he won’t be around for three days and declared that you have to eat at home. Your meals have to be balanced, and you cannot eat too little. Mr. Mo said that you’ve lost weight recently.”

Ji Nuan lowered her gaze toward her own chest.

What she needed to have, she had. What needed to be big, was also big. It was not as though the sensation was not pleasant when touched. Where did she lose weight?


The next day.

Ji Nuan walked through the doors of Lan Shan residence, located in a rare secluded area in Hai Cheng city center. She immediately saw that Han Tianyuan, that rich young master, sat in one of the mahjong tables playing mahjong.

“Miss Ji came so early? Come, come, come. Let’s play a few rounds together!” While smoking, Han Tianyuan happily smiled at her.

Ji Nuan calmly looked at the men inside, they were all rich young sons of the higher-ups in Hai Cheng society circle.

She was expressionless as she took out from her bag the contract she had taken from the Han Corporation law department. Ignoring Han Tianyuan’s happy expression, she directly placed the contract onto a tea-colored round table by the side.

“The handover contract has already been prepared by your company. Come, sign it.” Ji Nuan usually had no interest in such scenes. Her fingers gently tapped on the table, revealing her current impatience.

Han Tianyuan licked the edge of his lips, pushing the mahjong tiles aside as he stood up and walked over with a snort.

“Is Miss Ji sure she wants to take over the two property companies under my name?”

“If not?”

With an attitude of carelessness, Han Tianyuan sat down on the sofa in front of her, “A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger. The property scene right now is clearly in dire straits. Yet, Miss Ji wants to take over these companies in my hand at such a difficult time. In the future, if you were to lose a few hundred million yuan, you can’t come to me crying.”

Ji Nuan ignored him, holding onto her patience as she waited for him to sign.

“Miss Ji is just as arrogant as usual. Initially, when I tried to chase you, your expression was just as it is right now, appearing as though you are above all. Ha.”

Han Tianyuan received the contract his secretary handed over while sneering. “It seems like Miss Ji’s skills on the bed are rather impressive, otherwise, how would you be able to settle Mo Jingshen…”

Ji Nuan calmly glanced at Han Tianyuan, her gaze cold and belittling. “So much nonsense to speak even when selling a company. Are you upset that I’m giving you too much money?”

The thirty million yuan, was it not all for the sake of giving the Han family face. Otherwise, based on today’s circumstance, with Mo Jingshen around, this Han Tianyuan would not have dared to take even three cents.

Han Tianyuan’s expression became ugly. He scoffed, but still quickly signed his name on the contract.

Ji Nuan checked the contract and was too idle to speak another word to him. She turned to leave.

“Miss Ji,” Han Tianyuan suddenly called her lazily.

Ji Nuan did not turn back to look at him. She only calmly glanced at the sky ahead of the Lan Shan residence. The weather these few days was rather good. She could go out and walk more, quickly settling the handover process of the company.

Han Tianyuan’s voice included an ambiguous intention. “Mo Jingshen’s background is not as simple as you think. Since you gave me thirty million yuan, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Ji Nuan leaned back and glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. At this moment, a waiter brought over a coffee and dessert, placing it on his table.

“Does Miss Ji not plan on eating before leaving?”

Ji Nuan’s lips curved into an empty cold smile. “Young master Han, enjoy your meal.”

As her words landed, she held onto the contract, staring forward as she walked away from him.


Ji Nuan had already checked on the two companies before signing the contract and understood what Han Tianyuan meant about being careful not to lose several hundred million yuan.

The internal funds were already severely lacking, and they even owed the bank a sum of ten million yuan.

Under the companies’ name, there were already two common districts and a large business building under development in the city center. However, due to problems with funding, the construction had to be stopped.

Taking over such companies, from anyone’s point of view, it was as good as suicide.

However, Ji Nuan had already researched well on those projects stopped midway. Their locations were all rather good. Based on what she remembered, later, when property and land prices increased, the property in these areas were not what regular people could afford. It would increase by several times, costing at least four hundred million yuan or more.

The difficult problem to work with right now was that the project partners might stop providing funding given that the person in charge of the company had changed, which would be extremely unfavorable for her.

Just as Ji Nuan was about to drive back to the Yu Garden, Han Tianyuan suddenly walked out of the Lan Shan residence. He knocked on her car window.

“Here, take this.” He passed over a golden invitation card.

Ji Nuan took it and opened. “Evening ball invitation?”

“Right now, you should be most worried about the partners stopping their funding. Several of the Han family’s old investment partners will attend this charity ball happening the day after. You should know, I’ve placed the opportunity in your lap. Whether or not you can take advantage will depend on your own ability.”

“How do you know I can’t obtain this invitation myself?” Ji Nuan was suspicious.