Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 48 - There Are Countless Useful Medicines to Deal with Disobedient Women

Chapter 48: There Are Countless Useful Medicines to Deal with Disobedient Women

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Her instincts told her that this selfish young master of the Han family did not have kind intentions.

Prior to this, she had already considered this charity ball. However, the organizer was the Han family. The Ji family was not involved in any way and the number of invitations sent out was also limited. She had been unsure as to how she could smoothly attend this ball.

She had settled on searching for an alternative method, but she never expected that Han Tianyuan would actually directly hand over an invitation to her.

Based on Han Tianyuan’s temper, he would definitely love for her to fail and for the company to shut down while the entire Hai Cheng accompanied him to watch the show.

Would he actually be so kind?

Han Tianyuan stuffed his hands in his pockets with a reprimanding smile. “Although the companies have switched owners, they are after all etched with my name. If they were to be shut down, I would lose face. Besides, I still have to give consideration to Mo Jingshen, who supports you from behind.”

“It’s just two property companies and not any large business. Young master Han would actually be that bothered?” Ji Nuan completely did not trust him. She smiled leisurely. “What’s there to talk about the person who started these companies? Didn’t you snatch these companies from someone else’s hands as well?”

“Do you want it? If not, I’ll leave.” Han Tianyuan calmly and lazily glanced at her. “I gave you this invitation with good intentions. Will you only be comfortable after digging several holes in someone like a hedgehog? You, Miss Ji, have always been unreasonable by nature. If not for your pretty face, I could hardly care to do this favor for you. This is a world that acts based on appearances. Who asked me to be once charmed by that face of yours. Even now, I still think of it often.”

After finishing his words, he directly threw the invitation into her car.

A world that acts on appearance…

Coming from someone like Han Tianyuan, these words were not that surprising.

He was indeed shallow like this. Otherwise, Ji Nuan would have at least given him a brief look back then.

She did not say more. She picked up the invitation for a peek, and calmly replied, “Thanks.”

Han Tianyuan furrowed his brows, coldly sneering before turning to walk away.

Walking back to the Lan Shan residence, he picked up his phone and sent out a message: The invitation has been given.


Two days later.

The Hai Cheng Business Charity Ball was held at the Imperial Garden Hotel.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the lobby of the hotel was extremely crowded. Although Hai Cheng had several renowned families, they were all separated into different influences. Since the Ji family barely had any cooperation with the Han family, Ji Nuan was not too familiar with any of the influential people that had shown up today.

At the hotel entrance, there were hotel employees in charge of guiding the crowd inside. After walking in, Ji Nuan saw people in groups of three to five drinking and chatting.

In the well-lit room, there were delicate desserts and wines in the four corners of the rooms. Guests were still streaming in.

“Miss, would you like a glass of champagne?” Ji Nuan was just walking in when a server walked over with a tray of champagne. He respectfully and politely passed over one glass on the tray.

Almost everyone around was holding onto a glass. Ji Nuan suspected nothing and was about to receive it. However, her hands paused against the glass. She then glanced at the server once more.

After all, she was not too familiar with the people and their relationship here. The invitation was also received too easily. She had to take extra caution.

“My apologies, my stomach is not feeling too well. Is there bottled water? Could you pour me a glass?”

The server nodded, turning around to bring over the water. Ji Nuan saw that the bottled water he brought over was clean and untouched. After he directly poured over into a glass, she finally reached over to take it.

She lowered her eyes to look at the clean and clear glass. The water inside had no dirt in it.

Inside this lounge, everyone’s clothes carried different fragrances. All the various expensive perfumes mixed in together. It had been a long time since Ji Nuan had attended such an event. She was no use to being suddenly bombarded by all these fragrances. She felt somewhat choked and was uncomfortable. She cleared her throat, lowering her head to drink.

From afar, Zhou Yanyan, who was standing in a corner, glanced toward where Ji Nuan was standing. Seeing that she drank the water, a victorious smile immediately bloomed on her face.

She knew that this Ji Nuan was extremely smart and wary. She would not easily take the wine served by others.

Earlier on, she had rubbed that extremely powerful medicine all over the prepared glass. For the sake of preventing anything from going on, those glasses were all personally handled by her.

She rubbed a lot of medicine on both inside and outside of the glass. So long as Ji Nuan casually drank a sip, she would not be able to escape tonight!

Ah, Ji Nuan was relying on Mo Jingshen’s protection, was she not?

After tonight, when Ji Nuan had been passed over between different men, she would see if Mo Jingshen would still prioritize this fallen woman.

Once this night was over, even if she had three heads and six shoulders, she would definitely not be able to escape!

Ji Nuan only drank a sip. As though feeling the gaze on her from the corner of the room, she immediately pushed the glass away.

Her clean fingers gently rubbed against the glass. She only paused for a second, before her gaze fluidly turned over, glancing towards that corner of the room.

Although Zhou Yanyan’s position was quite far off, and the light was rather dim, Ji Nuan still saw her.

Her hands paused on the glass. Calmly, she glanced at Zhou Yanyan, who averted her gaze because of her attention.

Zhou Yanyan was here? After what happened the last time, the Zhou family allowed her to attend such a ball?

Her gaze earlier…

Ji Nuan placed down the tall glass in her hands. Suspecting that there was a hidden scheme, she warily turned around but saw that the ball had already begun. The people who were entering were too many, and the entrance was already temporarily closed.

She walked toward the bathroom to avoid the crowd for a while.

There was no one in the bathroom. Ji Nuan stood in front of the mirror, washing her hands with cold water. While washing, she tried to calm down, thinking about how to leave this place safely.

In such a situation, if she only considered Han Tianyuan, based on his courage, he would never dare to do much against her in such a place.

However, if it was Zhou Yanyan, who had just been humiliated not too long ago, she could not be as sure!

When a woman seeks vengeance, they could do anything.

As she washed her hands, she felt that her gaze was turning blurry. A strange heat was forming inside her body.

Ji Nuan suspiciously raised her eyes to look at her reflection.

After seeing the dazed red look on her face, alarm bells immediately rang in her heart.

Earlier on, she did not take any alcohol. The bottled water was also opened right before her eyes. She had only taken a sip. How could she still…

“Are you surprised?” All of a sudden, Zhou Yanyan appeared from who knows where. Watching Ji Nuan’s wary expression, she laughed coldly. “Did you think you would be fine so long as you did not touch alcohol? Miss Ji is, after all, from a clean family that’s never seen much of the higher society. Against a disobedient woman, countless medicines can be used. One of them is the sort that only has to be rubbed on the glass. So long as your tongue touched a bit of it, it’s sufficient to keep you excited for an entire night. Not only that, you would not be able to keep your rationality. You drank an entire mouthful. On that glass, I rubbed a lot of the medicine personally…”

“You dare to drug me in such a place?” Ji Nuan forced herself to remain calm. The effect of the medicine was quick. She supported herself with one hand against the sink while her gaze coldly fixed on Zhou Yanyan.