Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 49 - Jing Shen! Save Me—

Chapter 49: Jing Shen! Save Me—

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Zhou Yanyan laughed in disdain. “Did you think you could ruin my name so easily? You caused me to be locked at home for many days. Ji Nuan, I want to see if tomorrow the news headlines would be about the Ji family’s eldest Miss’s scandal with a group of men! Things like losing status and having a ruined reputation, it’s better to have you block it for me!”

So… the medicine on the glass was indeed… the sort she had guessed?

“Zhou Yanyan, you really are mad!” Ji Nuan shouted, tightly clutching onto her purse as she turned to leave.

Zhou Yanyan looked to see her unstable steps. While walking over, she laughed to the point of almost spraining her ankle.

“You want to leave? Do you think you can walk out of here tonight? All the people hiding here are all arranged by me! Wherever you go, there will be eyes on you! Ji Nuan, accept your fate! I promise that tonight you will beg for death! When you feel good, you better scream softly, or you’ll attract a larger crowd and let the entire world see you acting out an erotic scene!”

While speaking, she firmly held Ji Nuan as she walked out. She pushed her into the elevator on the dimmer side of the corridor.

Ji Nuan gritted her teeth tightly to force her mind awake. However, no matter how she tried, she could not defeat the effects of the medicine. Her eyes gradually became misty. She did not have the strength to shake off Zhou Yanyan’s hand.

“Let go!” She forced her mind to be clearer, twisting her hand and trying to pull it out.

“After tonight, you most likely will have to thank me. After all, I found many strong men and fed them all the same medicine. Just thinking about it causes one’s blood to heat up!”

Hearing Zhou Yanyan’s words, Ji Nuan’s entire body immediately filled with goosebumps. She struggled even harder but was abruptly shoved harshly into the elevator by Zhou Yanyan.

Her back slammed painfully against the elevator wall. Due to the pain, Ji Nuan’s mind cleared up a lot. She forced herself to stand straight and raised her eyes and met Zhou Yanyan’s crazed, pleased one’s.

“Zhou Yanyan, let me warn you! When we usually fight, it is but an exchange of words. What you are doing now is breaking the law!”

“Ha! Can the law control me? When you enter that room, the one forced by the men would be you! The one who would be caught on camera by the reporters tomorrow morning would also be you! Your screams alone would be enough for the police to drag you away! The surveillance cameras have all been tampered with. No one can see that I’ve shown up! Your words will have no effect against the law!”

While speaking, Zhou Yanyan brushed through her hair which flowed down her back, while victoriously looking at Ji Nuan. “Ji Nuan, the number one warmth [1. Nuan means warmth] of Hai Cheng? Ha-ha, so many men are obsessed with your appearance and figure. Tonight, I will grant all of their wishes~.”

The elevator stopped on the tenth floor. Ji Nuan unconsciously pressed against the wall, unwilling to move. Zhou Yanyan forcefully pulled her out.

“Ah!” Zhou Yanyan yelled out in pain. She had yet to react when Ji Nuan dug her nails into the back of her hand, tearing the skin. The line of red blood was painful. Zhou Yanyan instantly glared at her with eyes full of anger.

Ji Nuan ran toward the emergency staircase by the elevator, pushing open the doors and running down. However, her feet suddenly became weak as her entire body lost strength. Her body was burning up to the extent where she could not run fast.

Hearing Zhou Yanyan pursuing her from behind, Ji Nuan dug her hands into her bag while running.

She had to call the police!

However, her movements were too fast while running and pressing her phone. She could not dial the police number. The footsteps behind her became louder and louder, accompanied by Zhou Yanyan’s shrilling voice.

“Do you think you can escape tonight? Ji Nuan! You’re too naive!”

A layer of sweat covered Ji Nuan’s body. She bit her lips until they were bleeding. However, her hands remained busy against the phone screen. While running, her fingers were unable to dial the right numbers accurately.

All of a sudden, her phone rang. Mo Jingshen’s number actually flashed before her eyes.

Mo Jingshen?

He was back?

Seeing Mo Jingshen’s call, Ji Nuan accepted the call with trembling hands. Just as Zhou Yanyan had grabbed onto her hair, she yelled into the connected call, “Jing Shen! Save me—”

However, her hair was instantly tugged strongly backward by Zhou Yanyan, and her phone was also slapped out of her grip, landing against the floor.

She was forcefully dragged back by Zhou Yanyan. Her back slammed against the steps. It hurt to the point where Ji Nuan’s face turned pale.

“Zhou Yanyan, you’re crazy! I’m part of the Mo family! You dare to touch me. Do you not want to live anymore?!”

Ji Nuan’s clothes became disheveled from Zhou Yanyan’s tugging. After returning to the tenth floor, Zhou Yanyan grabbed her whole body, looking at the untidy Ji Nuan with excitement while smiling. “It’s good that Mo Jingshen knows. Such a good show, what a pity would be if he missed it?”

Speaking, she tugged Ji Nuan over to one of the doors along the dark corridor. Not only could this room avoid the hotel’s surveillance cameras, given that the cameras were tampered with, no one would be able to find Ji Nuan here!

It was such a well-thought-out plan!

Zhou Yanyan opened the door, but Ji Nuan did not make any sound. Zhou Yanyan yelled inside, “All the handsome men, you must have been dying tolerating, didn’t you? Great aunt here has brought a woman over for you!”

Her words had just landed when she forcefully tugged Ji Nuan over. She opened the room door, about to push Ji Nuan forcefully in.

However, all of a sudden, Zhou Yanyan felt a sharp pain against her shoulder. Ji Nuan gathered up all her strength and forced her in first instead, causing her to stumble into the room.

“What are you doing? Ji Nuan, you…”

Ji Nuan used all her strength to slam the door close and saw that the glass table by the side had a key. She quickly locked the door from outside.

“Ji Nuan! Open the door for me right now!”

Zhou Yanyan did not expect that she would be pushed into the room. Hearing the sounds of the men approaching from behind, she knew that they had all been drugged and were no longer rational. She was terrified and beat the door frantically. She was unable to open the door no matter how much her hands tried to twist the knob.

“Ji Nuan, open the door, ah!”

“Who asked you to be so dumb, making a plan full of so many holes. Setting up your own downfall, this is what you deserve!” Ji Nuan coldly and calmly glanced toward that door that was shut tight.

The sound of several men’s rough breathing came from inside the door, accompanied by Zhou Yanyan’s increasingly terrified screams and hitting sounds against the door.

“Ji Nuan, let me out right now… don’t lock me inside… let me out…”

“I-I was wrong! Let me off… I beg you, quickly let me out…”

“Ji Nuan! I beg you!”

“Ah… don’t come over…”

“Don’t touch me! Open your eyes and see who I am! Look clearly! Don’t touch me… Ah…”

“Ji Nuan, I was wrong. I’ll apologize to you, quickly open the door ah…”

Ji Nuan did not pay her any attention and turned to leave. However, her legs suddenly weakened, and she almost fell in front of the door.

What medicine was this exactly? Just one sip, was it really that amazing?